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The Simple Life

by Kasper V  - Copyright 2022


1. Stay alive as long as you can.

2. Find and eat enough food.

3. Flee from, or fight hostile creatures.

4. Dodge dangerous objects.

5. Find a partner and reproduce.

6. Try to get the highest score.


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- Experience life as a tiny creature.

- Customizable character.

- Grow your abilities.

- Creatures change over time.

- Randomly generated levels.

- 4 different enviroments.

- Play with mouse and keyboard or with a gamepad.

- 4 different creatures types. 

- Every creature  has unique stats.

- 5 different plants.

- Interactive and indepentently acting AI.

- Original soundtrack.


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On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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